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Simple authentication API for kids.
Automate the collection of parental consent.
Easily verify the age and identities of children.

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One API for compliance with child data privacy laws

We help you acquire child users safely and legally.
2 factor auth

Verified Parental Consent

StandardCode automates the collection of parental consent so that you don't have to. Our optimized consent flows keep your conversion rates high while ensuring compliance for your organization.

ID verification

Age and ID verification

StandardCode can verify the age and identity of your users using various methods. Our API ensures that every user on your platform is really a kid and is of the correct age. We provide solutions not only for compliance but also for trust & safety.

Developer first

Developer First

In addition to our API, we provide open source libraries and SDKs that you can drop into your app to integrate with less effort. One of our product goals is to have your organization up and running with as few lines of new code as possible.

Use cases


Our parental consent flows can open up your games to the full age range of gamers safely and without hassle.


Our age and ID verification services can help you protect the safety and integrity of your user communities.


Our API will keep your app COPPA compliant, thereby ensuring a safe learning environment for your students.

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